We really love the service that we had with Tree Care and Service! We moved in last month and we had to find an Affordable tree care service around our area. Good thing I was able to get hold of Moises and he was able to provide us a reasonable quote and their company has very high standards and good quality workers. Looking forward on getting these guys again.

Kris Michaels

Since we are old it was hard for us to take care of our garden and backyard, there are a lot of tree surrounding our house which was located around Reseda and finding a good tree care service is difficult since it was during the pandemic season. Called Nick and he was very accommodating provided that there was a pandemic going in he was able to provide good quality service for a very reasonable price!

Frankie Bolder

I lived in Calabasa and there are a lot of tree care service on our area, but none will compare in the services that was provided by Tree Care and Service. Though we are cities apart they were able to make a schedule for us and it was fast, Affordable and reliable. I would say it is the best tree care that we had.

Quinn Davis

Their service is great very professional and very reasonable in terms of pricing. Considering the quality of service that we had I would say they are the best in the area and surrounding cities. We have been looking for an affordable tree care service and this by far is the best!

Sandy Williams